Download the Arabic WordPress Theme I Translated

Arabic SpotlightI noticed there was some interest for the posts I made about me working on Arabic WP, & the theme I modified, so I decided to make it a bit fancier & upload it for anyone who would need it, I even created a demo blog just for it, who knows I may like translating / modifying themes & make more :D

There’s something new I learned BtW, is that if you want to change the info about the theme that shows in the administration panel, you only need to change the first lines of the theme’s style sheet style.css, I thought that stuff was hidden in some PHP file, in fact it is partially: the file functions.php contains some lines, & about the style.css file, here is the information you need to fill:

Theme Name: xxx
Description: xxx
Version: x.x
Author: xx xx
Author URI: xxx.xx

OK, back to the theme, it’s called Arabic Spotlight, modified from Spotlight 1.3, here’s the demo & here’s the link to download it (Ver 2.0), it’s a .zip file, you should then unpack the folder inside it & upload it to the themes folder (sub-folder of wp-content), I made tests to see how different pages look etc, but I might have missed some stuff, please report bugs :)

Edit 06-19-09: I just made a little update on the theme fixed some code in the header that affects writing from right to left in a bad way, if you are using the 1st version please upgrade it.

Edit 6-26-09: I found that this theme has serious issues with the crappy Internet Explorer 8 even if it looks fine on other browsers. Since IE is still the most used browser I preferred to remove the download links from above till I find a fix for these issues. If you really want it here is the latest ;-) or better you can download the new This Just In Arabic theme.

Edit 7-7-09: Spotlight Arabic 2.0 is out, the issues with IE were fixed & seems to work fine on Firefox, Opera & Chrome. I also improved the translation.

The theme now supports multi-level comments & multi-level categories. Tags are now shown in posts. Other minor changes were made. Please update your blog to 2.7 or later before installing this version.

Hope you like! :)

PS: If you want a theme translated contact me on contactmumu[at] & we’ll see how to arrange that ;)

PPS: You could check also the new translated This Just In Arabic theme.

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  5. roots Says:

    Hi there can you help us with a theme which has been modified but it is not needs to be identical in arabic as it is english, we’re half way there but i think there may have been some mistakes made. Many thanks

  6. MuMu Says:

    Hello, please send me more information to contactmumu[at] , I can do it for a small fee :)

  7. MouMouh47 Says:

    Thanks dude when i have free time i’ll do an amazigh translation :d