Mawlid Er-Rassul, Algeria, Europe (All Mixed-up)

Mawlid En-Nabi MohamedI’m writing this because yesterday we celebrated the B. Day of our prophet & today in the Joumoua (Friday afternoon prayer), the imam talked about how Mohamed had great ethic & how now we, today’s Muslims follow nothing of them. The second reason is a video I watched a few days earlier called “Algeria Vs Europe”.

The video shows in a humorous & exaggerated way how far we are from civilization, but in the same time it’s an example of how we see the ideal in the west & forget that we have better ideals in our own culture; worse, what we apply from the western “ideals” are only the easy libertine & sexual behaviors which are far from being ethical in our culture.

So when the world then critics, insults Islam & sometimes sees Evil in it, it’s mainly because of us Muslims, we are the mirror of Islam, non Muslims see our religion through us & we are not reflecting the image we should do; it’s probably because even we have a lack of understanding of Islam, we tried to be modern & thought modernity means to replace ALL our (outdated) values with new ones, in the process we are losing our souls … maybe also some of those who tried to get back to the origins did it in a awkward manner …

OK, enough, have a laugh with the video now :D

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