[Solved] Unexpected Error while Installing Element 3D Code: 84

If you get an unexpected Error while installing Element 3D version 2.2 Code:84 this error it could be because (like in my case) Element 3D already was installed and the installer couldn't over write its files. So to solve this : 1. Delete the /VideoCopilot folder or if you have other VideoCopilot plug-ins delete only the Element.aex file inside Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2015\Support Files\Plug-ins (Try to install now this step might be enough) 2. Delete the VideoCopilot assets folder : It's in one of the folders shown in step 3 of the installer when it asks where you want assets to be installed. I hope this helps, it's the trick that worked for me :) PS : If you tried to install the plugin while it was already installed it's maybe because it wasn't working. Mine was giving me an error like this : plug-in “Element.aex” could not be loaded (126). (48::46). So even when I succeeded to reinstall the Element 3D plug-in it kept giving me the e

Error establishing a database connection when Everything is Right![Wordpress]

Database name, user and password were right in my wp-config.php file, but still I got 'Error establishing a database connection' even though the Wordpress blog worked fine before. This may help you if you were puzzled like me by this error & couldn't figure out the solution. For me the problem was in mysql tables. Checking them in phpMyAdmin I found one of them showing 'In use' in the 'Type case', this can be fix by selecting the table (or tables) & choosing 'Repair table'. This may solve the problem for you, but in my case the repair task failed because phpMyAdmin (or Mysql?) couldn't write in the affected tables. That's probably the cause of the whole problem. phpMyAdmin tells you what went wrong in the repairing process & shows you path(s) to the file(s) it couldn't overwrite. To fix this you need to change the ownership of the affected tables. For that you may need to use SSH to find the table(s) file(s) on your

Solve Webmin/Debian Error: Failed to install module .deb : Not a validmodule file : tar: This does not look like a tar archive

You are maybe, like me a few minutes ago, confused after following crappy instructions on the Webmin website about installing Virtualmin as a Webmin module; or you might have tried installing some other package with a .deb extension & run to an error looking like this: Failed to install module webmin-virtual-server_3.93.gpl_all.deb : Not a valid module file : tar: This does not look like a tar archive tar: Skipping to next header tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors The strangest thing is that when I googled the error I found several posts from people who had this same issue, but no one gave a solution that fixes this inside Webmin: Since the Virtualmin package came from the Webmin guys themselves along with the installation instructions, there sure is a fix.. But all I could find, after using a lot of imagination trying different keywords on Google, are the Shell commands allowing you to install DEB packages directly from your SSH client.. Well it's pr

QuickTime Player & Downloading MP3 Files in Firefox

If you have Firefox installed with the QuickTime plugin installed you wouldn't be able to download MP3 files. If you left click a link to an MP3 file the QuickTime player will open to read the file instead of the box inviting you to save it. Now if you right click the page in which the player is you are presented with a box that reads this: Feature Requires QuickTime X Pro Save As Source allows you to keep a copy of this movie on your computer in its original format. Get QuickTime X Pro today to enable this and dozens of other great features. So what the Steve Jobs (Apple) guys are doing is they remove the download functionality from your browser & then ask you to pay to get it back! This is what I call plain scam. I have better & most importantly completely FREE ways to let you download your old good MP3 files: METHOD #1 Go back to the page where the MP3 link is, right-click on the link, choose "Save Link As..." METHOD #2 In case the 1st method fai

Tagging Everyone at Birth to Control Everyone's Life ... & Death

That is the newest futuristic idea on BBC Future by Sci-Fi novelist Elizabeth Moon: "If I were empress of the Universe I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached - a barcode if you will... "It would be imprinted on everyone at birth... "Having such a unique barcode would have many advantages. In war soldiers could easily differentiate legitimate targets...". This is the best answer I read, by Christopher Akritidis in a Facebook comment: "Why bother with half-measures? What we need is an implant that can function as a GPS, that transmits data from all our senses along with our emotions and that can release endorphins or deliver small electric shocks. Oh, and we definitely need a cool, 'instant kill' button... just for those pesky terrorists, you know... so you can all feel safe, warm and fuzzy inside, all the time".

How To Install ionCube Loaders the Very Easy Way

When I first googled "How to Install ionCube Loaders on Linux" I found tutorials talking about some ioncube-install-assistant.php file that should but doesn't exist in the loaders packages. Then I read about the Loader Wizard on the Loaders page and all was magically solved like by a wizard :) The wizard comes with its own instructions but try to follow mine first for I believe they are simpler & contain useful tips (especially if you are like me on a VPS or dedicated & using Linux): - First download the Loader Wizard package ; - Unpack it using 7-Zip (or Winrar or whatever) to find loader-wizard.php that you'll upload (using FTP or whatever) somewhere on your server where you can run it from a web browser; for example (don't care about what the README file says :p); - Now you run the file by going to from your browser (make sure Javascript

Ayn Rand: An Average Savage Like the Rest of Us

My knowledge about Ayn Rand's way of thinking comes mostly from Atlas Shrugged , one of her most influential novels which I just finished reading; the rest comes from a few articles I read & videos I watched on the Internet. What I like in Rand's philosophy is that it's built of simple concepts that make sens most of time if applied the right way. That said, I don't buy all her ideas; if I did I would be placing her mind in a higher position than mine, which is wrong in her own standards; but what bothers me more are not the ideas themselves but the way she often applies them: Selectively & abusively. While she claims that respect of facts is one of her highest values, & reproaches men for 'blanking them out', I find her many times breaking her own code to suit her whims. I'm writing this essay trying to point to some of those blank-outs & analyze them. I divided the work to a few titles that are in fact related to each other. Spoiler Al