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[Archived] Download the Arabic Wordpress Theme I Translated

(This is an archived post, the download links were deleted because the theme is of no use anymore) I noticed there was some interest for the posts I made about me working on Arabic WP , & the theme I modified , so I decided to make it a bit fancier & upload it for anyone who would need it, I even created a demo blog just for it, who knows I may like translating / modifying themes & make more :D There's something new I learned BtW, is that if you want to change the info about the theme that shows in the administration panel, you only need to change the first lines of the theme's style sheet style.css , I thought that stuff was hidden in some PHP file, in fact it is partially: the file functions.php contains some lines, & about the style.css file, here is the information you need to fill: /* Theme Name: xxx Description: xxx Version: x.x Author: xx xx Author URI: xxx.xx */

Can You Blame Someone for Driving Drunk?

I don't drink so I allow myself to say this :twisted: It's simple, why to punish people for driving drunk? They are not in their normal state & don't have all their mind, they shouldn't be responsible then as the act of drinking is not illegal in itself. A kid is not responsible as an adult because of their immaturity, so are mad men or those who walk in their sleep, why is it different with drunkards? Why is it a crime to drive drunk? Why not also a crime for driving asleep? To drink is as legal as sleeping, isn't it? My point is that the real problem is Alcohol, get ride of it & you'd solve a lot of problems by the way :)

Mawlid Er-Rassul, Algeria, Europe (All Mixed-up)

I'm writing this because yesterday we celebrated the B. Day of our prophet & today in the Joumoua (Friday afternoon prayer), the imam talked about how Mohamed had great ethic & how now we, today's Muslims follow nothing of them. The second reason is a video I watched a few days earlier called "Algeria Vs Europe". The video shows in a humorous & exaggerated way how far we are from civilization, but in the same time it's an example of how we see the ideal in the west & forget that we have better ideals in our own culture; worse, what we apply from the western "ideals" are only the easy libertine & sexual behaviors which are far from being ethical in our culture. So when the world then critics, insults Islam & sometimes sees Evil in it, it's mainly because of us Muslims, we are the mirror of Islam, non Muslims see our religion through us & we are not reflecting the image we should do; it's probably because even we

The Hundlebar Mustache Style

I needed to find some mustache pictures for a chef illustration I was making, so I went googling, the first search result for "mustache" was the "American Mustache Institute" Website, I found there this page about Mustache Styles & learned there's the Chevron mustache, the Dali mustache, the English, the Fu Manchu, the Horseshoe, Imperial, Lampshade, Painter's Brush, Pencil, Pyramidal, Toothbrush (Hitler's like), Walrus & the one I was looking for - without knowing the name - the Handlebar mustache, the famous cook's one. Once I knew how my mustache was named, I went searching for it, found really few results on my favorite search engine, among them was the Hundlebar Mustache Club Website , an international Hundlebar Mustache club based at the "Windsor Castle" pub in London. What interested me in there were of course the photos galleries, this page precisely made me laugh out loud, check out what's written about Michael

Setting-up Custom Permalinks for Arabic Wordpress

Wordpress let you customize your Blog URLs as you wish, & make them more SEO friendly, especially if you include posts names in them, that would improve your rankings in search results. But in a Blog that's mainly written in non Latin characters (i.e. Arabic), URLs containing posts names would be a real mess: a long series of random & odd letters replace the Arabic characters, & instead of getting Pretty URLs , you get the ugliest you can. So the easier solution is to use the default WP permalinks, they are said Ugly , but IMO they are not that bad actually, at least they are short. 2nd option is to use whatever customized URLs you want and add a Slug in English letters for each post or page you write & each category (When creating or editing a post, page or category there's a field to enter a custom slug). The 3rd way, the one I chose, is to not include posts names in custom URLs or categories names, only numbers like dates or posts IDs, I like to ad

Arabic Wordpress Installation - Translating a Theme

Already talked about me installing Arabic version of WP ... Next I had to customize the site with some theme, so I got a nice theme from & had first to change text orientation, which was a rather easy task using CSS, & then rested to translate the English titles, warnings, captions, etc to Arabic. For that I needed to edit the PHP files of the theme, I started yesterday & finished about two hours ago, the pages I worked on were the following: 404.php, archive.php, comments.php, footer.php, header.php, index.php, page.php, search.php, sidebar.php & single.php . I got a problem when tried to translate the files using Notepad, I edited & saved, but once I uploaded to the server the Arabic characters were unknown to the browser, that has something to do with the "encoding type", I think Notepad saves files as "ASCII" while they should be "UTF-8", I don't know if it's possible to change that on Notepad, wh

Are We Born Free or Enslaved?

This started with this phrase: "Man wasn't born free, he was born to get free" Is that true? This reminds me of a saying by Umar ibn al-Khattab , translated from Arabic it's close to: "When did you enslave people as they were born free?" In my opinion, humans are born free, then as they interact with their environment they become less or more enslaved by certain ideas, rituals & habits, there's another Islamic saying from the prophet Mohammad this time, talking about the child who's born with on instinct (which is Islam, recognizing & the only God creator of the universe), then his parents make him take their religion. So in fact man is born free, is enslaved by the surroundings, then he should use his brain to free himself & find his own way. That said, there's no example of real & absolute freedom in this world, man is always dependent to the elements of life, he needs to eat, to drink, to breath; he needs the care

Installing Arabic Wordpress & Arabic Themes

Yesterday I installed Arabic Version of WordPress for a friend, I've got some SQL errors first due to weird codes in the wp-config.php file, I've modified it just as I used to do with English installation, but got some weird errors, I suppose it's because there are explanations written in Arabic in it, I didn't try to remove them, instead I just replaced the file with wp-config.php of a English package & it worked. Only if you got errors like I did & chose my solution, you should look at these inststructions in the wp-config.php file: // Change this to localize WordPress. A corresponding MO file for the // chosen language must be installed to wp-content/languages. // For example, install to wp-content/languages and set WPLANG to 'de' // to enable German language support. define ('WPLANG', ''); As your WP is already Arabic, you don't need the MO file mentioned, it's already included, but you should enable Arabic

My iStock Vectors Application - Follow up

About 10 days ago I posted about my application to upload Vectors to iStock Photo , yesterday morning I finally got an email from them (they previously said the response would take up to two weeks). Well, two of the samples I sent them were approved & the third rejected for the following reason: "We're sorry but this artwork is not what we are currently looking for in terms of composition, color usage, use of line and shape, concept, detail and/or file complexity." I'd have preferred the reason was more precise than that, looks they assembled all the possible rejection causes in those two lines, but well, somehow I agree with them that the third sample I made was rather simplistic. That rejection was a good thing in fact, it impelled me to learn more; they sent me a link to an article along with that list of possible rejection reasons, it's detailed & explains well what should & shouldn't be done with Vectors for Stock. I read that art

Google Answer to: "How Can I Improve My Site's Ranking?"

I was logged i my Google Webmaster Tools account & noticed that linked question: How can I improve my site's ranking? , I followed the link & was rather surprised by the answer even if somehow I already knew it: "In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages." What surprised me is that this answer came from Google, I expected they'd instead talk about how you should care about the quality of your site's content (to improve your site's ranking), but they gave a simple & strange answer: "ranking = back-links" Well, everyone knows the importance of back-links for Search Engines, but it shouldn't be an answer to this precise question especially coming from Google; first because back-links to mean something should be natural, & second, it's known how the search leader was chasing lately sites selling links & others buying them, &

Phone Inventor Was Graham Bell? Antonio Meucci?

So today is March the 3rd, the day Alexander Graham Bell was born in year 1847, Bell is recognized universally as the inventor of the Telephone, a revolutionary communication mean of the modern era. Google in its main page today decorated the famous logo for the occasion with a drawing of the personality & his good old Telephone, doing that, Google has chosen its side in a controversy ... I've heard before that Mr. Bell wasn't really the inventor of the phone & today I read more about this. According to Wikipedia , there were over 600 so called inventors who claimed to have invented the Telephone, an example is Florentine immigrant Antonio Meucci who took Bell to court in 1876 and according to an article in the was nearing victory but when he died in 1889, The legal action died with him (Wikipedia stats Meucci lost his case due to lack of material evidence of his inventions). However, in 2002, 113 years after Meucci's death & due to t

A Clever & Unusual Phishing Private Message

Today I knew that Hackers, will not try only to steal your online accounts that are worth some money, but even some really less important ones - in a hacker's eyes I mean - like your ID in a forum for example! I added that "in a hacker's eyes" phrase because your forum ID can have a really big value for you, it's part of your identity especially if you spent long time in some community & made some friends, but for the hacker it means nothing, do hackers care about what anything represents to you? They don't or else they wouldn't be "hacking" LoL! Well, 2 or 3 hours ago I get a PM in forum in which I'm a moderator, it was forwarded by a mad user to me, here's the PM content: my thread became so inert so to make it popular take part n win $500 paypal i m giving $500 guess my referral number in the thread *Link* reply ur guesses there no need to register no hidden charges the winner will be posted as s