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Me Converting a MPEG Video to DivX

I had a movie in MPEG format (extension .mpg) of 1H 20min length & 1.6gb size, usually DivX files with similar length take less than 700mb, so I went googling & looking for a way to convert the film, I first tried VirtualDub & VirtualDubMod but for some reason I got a big file & worse a black screen .. I went searching again to find a link to "Dr. DivX" , one problem is that the doctor was away! Damn him! Finally found Vidomi & instructions on how to use it but also got problems converting to DivX, so I went to a choose "DivX 3" option instead ( DivX 3 Hybrid 2 ), one problem, I had no DivX 3 codec installed, but the good thing is that it's downloadable from Vidomi site ( divx311ainstaller.exe ) .. OK, installed & started a +3H encoding from MPEG to DivX 3 .. the result? a +600mb file, no noticeable sound quality loss & a smaller screen size but when in full size, the image quality looks the same ... I was happy with the res

Can't Upload ZIP Files? Check Your MIME Types Settings!

I've uploaded zip files before using Firefox & even to iStockphoto , but don't know what happened to the browser & how settings changed ... Two days ago I couldn't upload & was getting an error message saying the zip file was invalid, I first thought the problem was coming from the file & the way I packed my vectors in it, but then I browsed the forums & found out this answer: ... The error you are receiving is due to a MIME-Type error. This happens when something changes Firefox's mime type for zip files, typically it's changed to "application/download" . It should be "application/x-zip-compressed" . OK, a "MIME-Type error" , I've never heard about this "MIME" , seems it's a set of settings to control how different types of files are opened, uploaded, etc. Anyways, what interests me is how to solve my problem, as explained above the MIME type for zip files should be changed to "ap

Ten Reasons to Adopt a Turtle!

I came to the conclusion that the best pet you could get is ... a turtle! I hate dogs, they scared me when I was young (& they still) & they look dumb to me. Cats are not bad, I like them actually & was friend with some :lol: , but they are not that different from dogs ... Fish? No! Too much care & they quickly die, I don't think it right to call them "pets" at all. Hmm, hamsters? Did you see them eating each other? even own progeny?! Plus they don't like showers, actually being wet means death to them ... OK, I won't pass all animals in review, let's go straight to the 10 reasons to adopt a cute little turtle instead of all those stupid & annoying creatures: 1. A turtle needs no care, leave it in your garden & forget about it, it will eat grass & be sufficient unto the water contained in it! Don't exaggerate though, give it a leaf or two of salad from time to time & some fresh water, it's your sweet &

Where to Get Nice Smilies For a Forum?

I spent a big part of today searching, browsing, downloading, modifying & uploading smileys to a forum. I looked for standard emoticons, the most common ones ( :-) :-( ;-) etc ), but also for other cool & funny ones, it's time consuming, but well, I have to take the time do it right then have a rest & enjoy my work's fruits as it's a one time task. Here are two sources I used: The first is a Russian site , they have a great collection of those very popular emoticones in forums. The 2nd is a great place for Manga style smilies, XtremeNitro, I just love Jap drawings & animations! I hope you find them helpful as I did :)