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Internationalize & Localize a Wordpress Theme - Guide for Dummies -Part 1: Introduction

I had really a hard time figuring out how to internationalize a Wordpress theme for a "multilingual" site I'm working on & then to "localize" it. All that because the guides I read are made by geeks, & geeks never explain things properly... seriously! Geeks in their tutorials often fail to mention some steps that look obvious & basic to them, but for a newbie or even someone who has a modest experience those steps are crucial. So in my quest to get my theme internationalized & localized & starting from this guide I had to ask Google several times & go from geeky guide to another to finally assemble the puzzle & get things working. Because of all that, I decided to make my guide for dummies to internationalize & localize a Wordpress theme ... let's start! 1st, what means "to internationalize" & "to localize" a theme? To internationalize (for dummies) means to make a software (in our case a

Disable Ctrl+W (Close Tab Shortcut) / Restore a Closed Tab - Firefox 3

I don't know about you, but for me this shortcut is really frustrating, I never use it but I often hit it by mistake while typing something & lose everything I wrote. The W key on my keyboard is next to the X & when trying sometimes to make Ctrl+X (shortcut for "cut"), I hit the Ctrl+W instead & here is (precious) irretrievable work gone. Yesterday when this happened, I decided it will be the last time, so i went googling for a solution , & it happens to be again an add-on for Firefox 3,  it's called KeyConfig . By the way if you didn't get Firefox yet you have no excuse do it now! , it's really the best web browser around! How to use the plug-in? Just install it, restart Firefox then go to Tools > Keyconfig , or use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F12 , a box will pop-up with the list of keyboard shortcuts, modify or deactivate the ones you want, I could have just changed the shortcut for tab close, but I really never use it, I just d

How to Make Rapidshare Links Clickable & Save Copy / Paste Time

Hmmm, a lot of ideas but rare time to post here ... anyways, back to to topic, has an upload limit of 100 mb but often the uploaded files are much bigger, packing them in split archive files allows that .. the problem is when you want to download a file of a few gigabytes (split to 10s of files) & all the links are just textual which means you can't just click on them to start your download, but you have to copy then paste them on your browser's address bar one by one. Now comes this simple method to make the links clickable & save you a lot of precious minutes: Go to & look at the top navigation menu for "RapidTools", move your mouse to put your cursor over it & you should see three more links, click on "RapidShare Checker". Now you can see a field when you can paste all your links one under each other, once done click on the "Check URLs" button under the field. RapidShare will now check if yo

How to Have Anti Aliased Fonts on Windows XP (ClearType)

I've just got new PC & using all my time setting it up & installing all the applications I had in the old computer, restoring my profiles etc. I noticed that the version of XP I have in this one is different from the old, except on Safari browser,there is no anti-aliasing in rendering fonts, if you don't know what anti-alias is, there's a page about it in Wikipedia : In digital signal processing, anti-aliasing is the technique of minimizing the distortion artifacts known as aliasing when representing a high-resolution signal at a lower resolution. Anti-aliasing is used in digital photography, computer graphics, digital audio, and many other applications. ... Anti-aliasing means removing signal components that have a higher frequency than is able to be properly resolved by the recording (or sampling) device. This removal is done before (re)sampling at a lower resolution. When sampling is performed without removing this part of the signal, it causes undesirabl

Why All the Keyboard Shortcuts were Messed

W00t! Finally found out why! On Illustrator lately & before on other programs I had this problem: I'm working all is fine, keyboard shortcuts are OK & saving me some seconds each time I use them; you know shortcuts like Ctrl + Z to cancel an action or Ctrl + A to select all elements ... then suddenly for some unknown reason nothing work properly, I do Ctrl + Z & a prompt display asking me if I want to save my work before I close the program ??!!! In fact a few times I'm hurried & I just click on "No" without reading the notice & lose all my unsaved work! And I rarely save my work I must confess .. really infuriating! OK, here's the reason of the change in those shortcuts: it's because of language change in the language bar, when the language is English the keys are in their place, but if I change to Arabic to make some searches for example, some keys are no longer in their place, for example the Z is recognized as Q, that