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Translation with POEdit - Internationalize / Localize WP Themes Guide -Part 3

Now that you made your theme translatable , let's do the necessary to translate it. For that you will have to use a translation software, in this guide we'll use POEdit , so go ahead and download then install it. We will use POEdit to create a PO (Portable Object) file which will contain all the translatable words & phrases and optionally their translation for a specific language. If you add a translation to the PO file, you can setup POEdit to create a MO (Machine Object) file, which is the machine-readable file (the one we need to upload to the server with the theme). Note: PO files have .po extension & MO files have .mo as extension. In this guide we will create the MO file in one go with the PO file for a specific language: Launch POEdit & before anything else make sure it will automatically save a MO file every time we make or modify & save a PO file: Go to File > Preferences... , in the Preferences box choose the Editor tab, under B

Save Time & Improve Productivity Using Launchy & XNeat Win Manager

Just a quick thing about an article I read yesterday on Blog called Windows Starter Kit listing a lot of very useful freewares in various fields, I had already some installed & I have alternatives for others or just don't need them. So from the list I only downloaded & installed two programs: Process Explorer & Launchy. Especially Launchy is great, it makes opening your different programs so easy, only type 2 or 3 letters from your program's name & Launchy will find it for you, then all you have to do is to hit the Enter key, if the program found is not the one you're looking for, wait a few seconds to see a drop-down list of other programs appearing. Once you start Launchy it goes & hides in the background, to call it you need to press Alt + Space by default. Another useful software (not from the Starter Kit list) is XNeat Windows Manager, this one adds a lot of useful features to the Taskbar & others that are just "

Making it Translatable - Internationalize / Localize WP Themes Guide -Part 2

As I said there's not only one method to internationalize a software but Wordpress uses the GetText method & it's the one we should use for the theme. So let's start the internationalization then next attack the localization Note: It is highly recommended to choose / make an English theme & internationalize it, much easier than to work with a non-English theme. Internationalization needs an edition of the PHP files of the theme, those found in the theme's directory. index.php, archive.php, 404.php, single.php are just examples & all themes don't have the same number of files. You also may want to make a theme from scratch & make it internationalized. First you'll have to open each of the files in a basic text editor like Notepade , or a software like Crimson Editor , which is a notepad with tags highlights and many other useful features. NVU or Dreamweaver also would be fine. Now that you opened one of the files, start looking