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Quick Review: Choose the Best Classified Script For Your Needs

It was tough to pick a good PHP classified script for a new project. I used Google; browsed some forums; read reviews on script directories; checked classified software developers' websites (features, demos, forums, etc) & finally could make a list with a few good scripts from which I had to choose the One! 1. Some tips on how to search & choose I guess Google is often the 1st spot to start from, looking for reviews, comparisons, testimonials etc, then there are webmaster forums, the most known & with biggest database & community is obviously , start by making a search then you could ask questions in existing threads or open your own. Once you find some scripts you can start investigate them further on Google & on forums. Make sure you are getting recent information. Checkout the features in the scripts websites too, tryout admin / user demos & visit their support forums if there are any. One source I didn't find very u

How to Add a Code Only in One / Some of vBulletin Folders / Sections

You may need to put some warning message or an advertisement or .. whatever in only a part of the folders inside your vBulletin forums. I guess there are some modifications that may help but the simpler way is just to edit some templates using a little PHP conditioning. OK let's start, I already made a post on similar modifications for avatars & signature so I won't be repeating all the steps but instead will refer you to there when needed. (You may find it useful to open that post in another tab from now ;) ) Note: This involves inserting PHP codes, so be very careful on how you do it. Also if you get warnings from vBulletin when trying to save the modified templates Do NOT save them, that can break your forum's display! 1. Open & edit the FORUMDISPLAY template Just like we found the postbit template (1.) , only this time you need to expand Forum Display Templates » , then choose the FORUMDISPLAY template. 2. Find the line to put the new codes

Tips on How to Stop or Slow Down a DDoS Attack

Some DDoS attacks are so strong that they just take down your server. The only way you have then to try & get rid of it is to contact your hosting provider to find some solution for you (or pay for DDoS protection). But sometimes the server manages to keep running although under attack, in this case you may be able to do somethings to at least reduce the impact of the DDoS & loads on server while working on a permanent solution. Let's review some I could figure out from a personal experience.. Lighten your pages The most obvious thing to do is to make your site's pages lighter, if you have some heavy pictures displayed & other content that is not vital for the site (in your sidebars maybe), it's better to remove them temporarily. Remove, change the targeted page or direct users from it Note: This & the following tips rely on data you gather from your server logs or a visitors tracker installed on your pages like StatCounter . The DDoSer will

How to Add Default Avatar & Signature to vBulletin without Modifications

I used to use two modifications (or plugins / addons) on vB for default avatars & default signatures, but then I decided to limit the use of mods & uninstalled those two. Still I wanted to keep the features. It just need a little messing with the templates & their PHP codes to make vB give a user who has no avatar / signature a default one you (the admin) choose. Here are the steps. Note: This involves changing PHP codes, so be very careful especially if the code in your templates looks different than what I ask you to find. Also if you get warnings from vBulletin when trying to save the modified templates Do NOT save them, that can break your forum's display! 1. Find out the template to edit For both siggy & avators (like some like to call them), the edits should be done in the postbit template of your theme (or style). To access it, go to Styles & Templates > Style Manager , this will list the styles installed in your forum. In the drop do