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This Just In Arabic - A New Translated WP Theme

Finally I made a new one, this is a theme originally made by John Crenshaw, very nice & clean design. I think you will like it like I did. I changed the design from LTR (left to Right) to RTL, modified some design elements in a way that fits better Arabic (IMO) & translated the visible English strings to Arabic. I also changed some pieces of codes, like for the navigation on top & in single.php & archive.php that were giving me errors when testing. The theme displays a different header image depending on the page you're in & supports the new threaded comments in WP 2.7 & later. It has a custom Archives page, to activate it you should create a page that has "archives" as slug and using the "Archives" template. There's also a link for RSS subscriptions via e-Mail using the FeedBurner service that you should edit / remove from header.php If you found any bugs or mistakes please drop a comment :) Download Arabic This Just