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Review of TemplateCodes Modules & Templates System

So I decided to make a review & talk about things you need to know before you buy the system of modifcations & templates for the 68Classifieds script. I previously made a quick comparative of classifieds scripts & had chosen 68Classifieds for my project. But like other scripts it has its limitations, I guess any site has unique needs & unless you hire a programmer you won't be able to satisfy at 100% those needs. Well there are some modules to let you customize & add features to 68Classifieds, there's a special site for them, Some of the modules are free but there are paid ones too. The TemplateCodes package is interesting because with $100 you can get about 10 modules & a template with 8 colors to choose from. What drove me to buy it were mostly the Filter module, which filters ads, the CSS Horizontal Listings modules that displays featured, new or random listings on your pages & the Google site map generator m