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Ahmed Deedat - A Glimpse From a Great Man's Life

I remember I was kid & I saw Ahmed Deedat in that debate on TV, I think it was the one with Jimmy Swaggart called " Is the Bible God's Word? ". I do not remember much from what was said in it, but I recall it was a subject of conversation in my family, to them Deedat was for sure the winner. But as my country is not English speaking (not even as a 2nd language), I do not think much here know Ahmad Deedat apart from that debate broadcasted (translated to Arabic) once or twice on TV; even I had not known that much up until this Ramadan. I cannot tell you his biography, but from some speeches & debates I watched, I knew more about his ideas & works. In this post I want to clear a few misunderstandings about this great man, & pay homage to him in his death. You would quickly notice Deedat's humble manners & sense of humor; in the same time he was very precise in his statements & wasn't afraid to call things by their names, that's why