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I eat vegetables eaters so vegetarians can find vegetables to eat!

A blessed Eid al-Adha to all Muslims! 8)

The Human Heart Beats 100,000 Times a Day

One of those blessings we rarely think about. Life is so fragile, it's a real miracle.

How to Create Tarball & Compress to GZip Under Windows (.tar.gz)

I thought files with .tar.gz extension were just like compressed files with a .zip or .rar extension, but in fact they are a bit different. .tar.gz are two extensions & not one, which means this kind of files are created using two processes (& probably two tools). - The first process is for archiving one or more folders & files into one file, a Tarball file that has a .tar extension. Tarball files are not compressed. - The second process will GZip (& compress) the Tarball file created in the first process. This will create a GZip file with .gz extension. So if you use the first process on a folder called MyFolder , you will get a Tarball file called MyFolder.tar , now (to the 2nd process) you compress the file created using GZip & you get a file named MyFolder.tar.gz . Why two processes & not one are used? Because you can only GZip a single file, so if you have several files / folders, you have to first merge them to one Tarball file. How to create a .tar.gz on

it means you have no skill and you're a loooser!

That's what Squidward said to a little kid who lost a penny playing in the Skill Crane machine ^^

How to Get Back Vista / XP Taskbar Under Windows 7

Like me, you maybe didn't like the new way the Taskbar works under Windows 7, big icons, no descriptions, & the annoying thing (for me at least), grouping all the windows of a program systematically, which was confusing me & forcing me to make extra mouse moves & clicks. I probably just didn't give the system enough time to get used to it, but anyways the guys at Microsoft made it possible to switch to the old fashioned task bar. Here are simple steps to follow, First open the Properties window of the Taskbar, the simplest way to do that is a right click on an empty place of the Taskbar, then choosing Properties . If there's no empty space in your Taskbar (because of too many programs open maybe), open the Start menu, right click on an empty place, click on Properties & in the window that opens choose the Taskbar tab. No empty space there too? :| OK, open the Control Panel & look for Taskbar & Start Menu (if the Control Panel is V

Amazing How the Blessings on Us are Invisible to Us

Do you think of the feet you walk on & the eyes you see through? Do you forget about the air you're breathing sometimes?