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Impatience is the bane of modern consumer ...

... and the gold mine of producers. Gladius

How to Connect to a Linux Server with SSH, Using PuTTY - Pageant -Windows

I'm playing with my new VPS hosting & trying doing some tasks through SSH; but before being able to do this, I had to setup my SSH connection. 1. Generate SSH Certificate a. 1st thing you need to do is to create a SSH certificate in your server, I did this in my cPanel / WHM. Just browse around to find SSH icon, then the Generate a New Key link. You will be asked to give your new key a name & password, then Key Type & Key Size (I used the default values here DSA / 1024, you may experiment with other values). Next click on Generate Key . b. Once created, you have to click the Manage Authorizations link & then the Authorize button. Then back to the previous page, & now under Private Keys (not public!), click the View/Download Key link. c. Under Private SSH Key MyKeyName (PuTTY PPK format) , enter the password you created in Step a. & hit Convert . You will be sent to a page where the converted key is displayed in a text area (lines of ran