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How to Control Masked Dynamic Text with ActionScript 3

Okay this took a lot of my time but happily with some googling & ingenuity I managed to find a solution. The problem was that I had a dynamic text field that needed to be masked with an animated mask , the mask was a tweened shape . Dynamic text fields tips 1st of all don't leave your dynamic text field naked, put it inside a Movie Clip (select the field, hit F8 & choose Movie Clip ). 2nd, if you have problems displaying the text field content, use the "Character Embedding..." feature in the Properties panel. 3rd, to access the dynamic text field from the "actions" layer in your main time line , while the text field is inside a symbol, inside a symbol, inside... well, you need to use dot syntax . For example: Your text field instance is myText_txt , it's inside a Movie Clip instance called movieIn_mc & this one inside a Movie Clip instance called movie_mc , you type this in your Actions panel: movie_mc.movieIn_mc.myText_t