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For the Moral of the Food

My microphone under Windows 7 didn't work since I installed the OS, I tried to update the sound driver for one compatible with Windows 7, an official driver I got from ASUS website, but it didn't solve the problem. Only today i got the genius idea of uninstalling the official driver & guess what? Windows 7 default driver is way better! Anyways I got excited with my microphone finally working & went playing with the Speech Recognition feature! It didn't really Recognize what I was saying, & the result was funny! I decided to add some punctuation & publish it for everyone to read & enjoy :p I called this: For the Moral of the Food I can speak to you today in for the moral of the food, that’s over be able to speak many times in a tie and for the C over the revenge and the difference of only route to use all the difference and the liberty is really worth it, is written fourth and up the fellow who have been due to hold all the weapons or inverted harm to tal