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How to install Cpanel/WHM on Centos 5.6

Hello, This tutorial will teach you how to install WHM/Cpanel in easy steps. First of all Check system minimum requirement. Processor : 266 MHz processor Memory : 512 MB RAM Disk Space : 10GB hard disk We will required SSH Console donwload freeware SSH Client Putty First of all disable Disable SELinux security feature edit command line type following command in Console. /etc/selinux/config Make sure you have minimum requirements like above 5 GB space and 512 RAM . Everything look fine now and we are ready to install Cpanel/WHM on new Server. Right down following command in Console : cd /home This command will move us to Home Directory where all files going to installed. now time to import Cpanel/WHM latest version using following Command wget -N we have downloaded "latest" cpanel/WHM panel file now time to install Cpanel use following Command. sh latest Installation progress will take around 70-100 Mins