How To Install ionCube Loaders the Very Easy Way

When I first googled "How to Install ionCube Loaders on Linux" I found tutorials talking about some ioncube-install-assistant.php file that should but doesn't exist in the loaders packages. Then I read about the Loader Wizard on the Loaders page and all was magically solved like by a wizard :)

The wizard comes with its own instructions but try to follow mine first for I believe they are simpler & contain useful tips (especially if you are like me on a VPS or dedicated & using Linux):

- First download the Loader Wizard package;
- Unpack it using 7-Zip (or Winrar or whatever) to find loader-wizard.php that you'll upload (using FTP or whatever) somewhere on your server where you can run it from a web browser; for example (don't care about what the README file says :p);
- Now you run the file by going to from your browser (make sure Javascript is enabled) & it should start diagnosing the server to tell you what's needed;
- In my case this is what I've done:
--- Download the loaders package for Linux x86-64 (find the other packages HERE);
--- The package contains several loader files that you'll be asked to upload all but only one loader is needed; we'll find it out to avoid uploading unnecessary files;
--- The Wizard will give you a link to a file called 20ioncube.ini (or similar), download it;
--- Before uploading it to the server, open it in a text editor to read a line similar to this:
zend_extension = /usr/lib/php5/20090626/
--- You read the line? Now you know the loader file you should upload from the package & the path to upload it to;
--- Upload the loader to the indicated path (I used the File Manager in Webmin to upload, I think you can do the same under cPanel or Plesk);
--- Now upload 20ioncube.ini to the path indicated by the Wizard (note that in my case it indicated /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d as the path but that was a shortcut & the real path was /etc/php5/conf.d;
--- Finally restart the Apache server & test the loader from the Wizard page. Congrats!


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