QuickTime Player & Downloading MP3 Files in Firefox

If you have Firefox installed with the QuickTime plugin installed you wouldn't be able to download MP3 files. If you left click a link to an MP3 file the QuickTime player will open to read the file instead of the box inviting you to save it.

Now if you right click the page in which the player is you are presented with a box that reads this:

Feature Requires QuickTime X Pro

Save As Source allows you to keep a copy of this movie on your computer in its original format.

Get QuickTime X Pro today to enable this and dozens of other great features.

So what the Steve Jobs (Apple) guys are doing is they remove the download functionality from your browser & then ask you to pay to get it back! This is what I call plain scam.

I have better & most importantly completely FREE ways to let you download your old good MP3 files:

METHOD #1 Go back to the page where the MP3 link is, right-click on the link, choose "Save Link As..."

METHOD #2 In case the 1st method fails because the link is unclickable, or you lost track of the page, or you just want to get rid of the damn plugin, this is method number two & it's called Disable the Plugin!

- Hit the 'Firefox' button top-left,
- Click on Add-ons,
- Choose the Plugins tab from the left side,
- Look for QuickTime Plug-in & hit Disable,
- Done!

Now you just reload the page where the player was & the download box opens (or if you closed that page left-click the link or open a new tab & paste the link in the address bar then hit Enter).


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